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Our Philosophy

Centerpoint Associates provides comprehensive financial services with an emphasis on the client relationship. Our role is to serve and educate our clients so we can create long term financial strategies that produce results.

We Believe

We Believe

  • Short term economic events should not affect your long term retirement strategy
  • Clarity on your cash flow is a major factor that may help determine how financially successful you will be in the future.
  • Making a significant difference in the lives of our clients is important.
  • Offering low-cost, globally diversified portfolios, which remain fully invested over time, can help yield returns.
  • We can’t control the stock market or tax laws. We can only control how we respond to them
  • The amount of money saved each year can be more impactful than relying on market based returns.
  • Open and honest communication is the core of our relationship.
  • It helps to collaborate with other advisors to be sure your plan is coordinated with tax changes, estate planning laws, etc.
  • Focusing on long term results rather than looking for a “quick fix” is in the best interest of our client.
  • Our main interest is not only taking care of our clients’ money, but taking care of our clients.

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