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Before We Get Started

If you are interested in working with us, here is an outline of what the process and timeline could look like 


Introductory Conversation 

  Schedule a complimentary Introductory Conversation through our website or by contacting us directly.  Let’s take time to answer all the questions you may have.  We can learn a little more about each other and be sure that our personalities align.    You can gain a better understanding about the entire process and be sure that it is a solid fit for what you are looking to accomplish.  We know that trust is earned and are happy to take the time to make sure you feel comfortable proceeding.  


Engagement Standards 

  Once you decide to work with us, we will send you our Engagement Standards.   This is a 3-page document that outlines “Our Tenets” for you to review.  It explains what we promise to deliver to you during our time together as well as what is expected from you in our working relationship.   


Planning Agreement and Regulatory Documents 

  Next, you will receive an email from us which will include the Planning Agreement.  This will be for you to review and sign based on whether you choose to do Comprehensive Planning or an Hourly Fee.  At this time, we will also send you the regulatory and compliance documents that we are required to mail to you.  


Request Documents and Schedule Meetings 

 You will receive a list of items and documents that are needed for you to gather and complete.  This will be to collect contact information and all current financial statements.  They can either be emailed to us, dropped off/mailed to us at the office, or uploaded to your encrypted vault on the new website we’ll create for you.   Finally, we’ll schedule at minimum two meetings on the calendar to start the process.