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Are you accepting new clients? If so, what is your minimum?

We are currently accepting new clients. While we do not have a minimum asset size or income per household, the majority of our clients have a household income of $150,000-$1,000,000. In addition, we prefer that they have the following characteristic traits:

  • Motivated: to learn how to simplify their finances with less stress
  • Driven: to be successful in their chosen careers
  • Focused: on their family
  • Searching: for answers to be more confident in making the best choices for their future

It’s important to us that our clients are always progressing forward, no matter their situation. In order to realize the results they strive to achieve, they have to work hard to keep getting better. We choose to solely retain clients who are working hard to see improvements.

I see that you are based in Charlotte, NC. Do I have to live in the area to be a client?

No. We have clients in many states across the country, where we are currently licensed. With technology today, we are able to schedule teleconferences for meetings and reviews.

Why should I hire you to manage my investment portfolio?

  • Studies show individual investors tend to base their management style on emotion rather than technical analysis. For example, the 2013 Dalbar Investment Behavior Report showed over a 20-year market cycle, the average equity fund investor gained just 2.29% while the S&P 500 Index grew 8.21%.

  • As often as possible we work with institutional money managers the average investor does not have access to. We will work closely with them to be sure your assets are aligned with your risk tolerance and expectations.

  • Many intelligent people can manage money on their own. However, the time required and research associated with it makes it prohibitive.

How does Centerpoint ensure privacy and confidentiality?

We understand that privacy is a priority for our clients. We have implemented a number of safeguards to protect the confidentiality of your information.

Are references available?

After we have our first meeting and are sure we meet each other’s expectations, we can provide references.

How do you charge for your services?

There is no charge for our initial conversation. In this discussion we will learn what you most want to accomplish, your major concerns, as well as explain our process and philosophy in detail. After this conversation, we may mutually agree that we are a solid fit for a long term professional relationship.

After our complimentary consultation, there will be an initial fee which will be customized to each client based on their current financial situation, objectives questions and needs. Half of the fee will be paid up front and then as we complete the initial phase of our process, which normally takes 60-90 days, then the remaining balance will be paid.

Regarding investments, we charge a portfolio management fee, which varies based on the amount of assets under management and the investment platform utilized. For insurance products, the financial institution from which you decide to purchase from compensates us.

We are fortunate that the vast majority of new clients originate from our existing clients through personal introductions. They appreciate the high level of customer service and results they have experienced so they are excited to tell their friends and family so they can benefit as well. As we do our job serving you, we hope you tell others about our services. Indirectly, that is another way that we are paid for our services.

Can I view my accounts via the internet?

Yes. You will have 24-hour access to your own personal website. This will contain details of all of your investment accounts, bank accounts, mortgages, insurance products, etc. You will have the ability to link these accounts from hundreds of financial institutions so it will provide the most up to date information. By doing this, you will have a secure website that allows you to view all of your financial information in one location.

How are you different than other financial professionals?

In our experience, most people have a number of professional advisors and make micro decisions that do not seem to maximize their potential. Our approach is more comprehensive. By coordinating all of these advisors, we can work together to reduce inefficiencies in the clients’ worlds and instill confidence in each decision they choose. For most of you, we will be the Financial Strategist or “Personal CFO” at the center of your other advisors. For others, we will be a part of your advisory team.