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The first step in helping you reach your goals is to have a solid strategy of how to achieve them. We will help you understand your current position, identify strengths and weaknesses, and implement realistic strategies that can enable you to see positive changes year after year.

Customized Financial Strategies for Every Stage of Your Life

Getting Started

Getting Started

Creating Clarity on Your Cash Flow

Evaluating Debt Payments

Setting Goals

Understanding Group Benefits

Optimizing Monthly Expenses

How to Best Purchase a Car

Starting a Family

Starting a Family

Combining Finances

Preparing to Purchase a Home

Insurance Planning to Protect Your Family

Learning How to Invest

Education Planning

Daycare/Nanny/College Expenses

Planning for a New Baby

Creating Wills and Medical Directives

Prime Working Years

Prime Working Years

Investing Enough?  Let's Verify

Helping with Aging Parents

Buying a 2nd Home 

Aligning Overall Investment Strategy

Evaluating Tax Saving Options 



Preparing for Retirement Income

Charitable Strategies

Medical / Long Term Care Concerns

Social Security Planning

Leaving a Legacy

1. Establish The Relationship

We will listen to you so we can fully understand your needs and what you are looking for in our relationship. At the same time, we will communicate to you our expectations of you as a client. When we both agree that we share a similar vision, then we will move forward.

2. Gather Information

You will gather specific documents requested so we may understand your current financial position. We will discuss certain decisions you have made up to this point, your values and beliefs in regards to money, as well as clarify your expectations. The most significant part of the conversation is to find out what is truly most important to you.

3. Evaluate Your Current Situation

Next will be an in-depth assessment of your present situation, identifying any problems or issues that need to be addressed. We will also recognize your strengths, as well as opportunities where you may benefit.

4. Recommend Strategies

At this point, we will review multiple strategies based on your objectives, risk tolerance, and preferences. We will assist you in implementing the recommendations you have chosen to put the strategies in action and ultimately become a reality.

5. Monitor And Review

One thing we do know will happen in the future is that life will change. Whether it’s your personal circumstances, the economic environment, the stock market, real estate prices, or tax laws; we may need to adjust your plan. Throughout the year we will communicate with you to review the progress of your personal strategy that has been created and make modifications as needed.

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